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"I am Dumile Magaqa. My goal in life has always been to open up a poultry farm, however this is not possible right now due to my financial circumstances. I have chosen rather to work for my community. I am currently a member of the ward committee and I also co-ordinate Khabazela Soup Kitchen and homework center. I am happy and proud that I am able to help and uplift my community."

Dumi and his team of volunteers feed over 80 kids 5 times a week.

Their passion and dedication over the last 3 years since the launch of the soup kitchen has been inspiring and humbling at the same time. Cooking wholesome meals off a 2 plate gas stove is a challenge that they are always ready for. Feeding over 400 hungry tummies a week, this team have added considerable value to this community.


Born out of the Covid19 crisis, this is our newest soup kitchen feeding over 1800 vulnerable children a month. Run by a dedicated team of ladies who are passionate about helping their community. The team cook 3 to 5 times a week from an outbuilding at their home. We supply them with gas & food supplies every 2 weeks to ensure they can keep serving their people.

"I love cooking for children because I grew up in a poor family, life wasn't easy when it comes to food. When I got this opportunity to cook for vulnerable children, I felt very happy because I know that the children will always be smiling while their tummies are full. I thank Singakwazi Aid for making my dream of taking care of my community children possible." Pretty Ntombifuthi Mwimule



Mumtaz, who lives in Mount Moriah, is a survivor of domestic, emotional, and physical abuse and had the courage to leave her marriage and became more involved with community work. Mumz and her team cook 3 times a week from her own kitchen, making delicious wholesome meals that nourishes hungry tummies. 

Mumz is a dedicated community activist and plays an integral role in helping her vulnerable community live a better life.

” I cannot change my past but I can surely change my future. There is so much more to my lifes story, alot of pain, hurt and suffering, but each day I become stronger. I MUMTAZ FARUK AM A SURVIVOR AND NOT A VICTIM. If I can do it, so can you, nothing can stop you from changing the destiny of your life. God bless”

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