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Singakwazi Aid supports the running of 2 veggie farms in Mt Moriah and Khabazela that were started by the community. Ma Thandi runs the Mt Moriah farm and Dumi the Khabazela farm. These farms provide food for the soup kitchens and the local community, highlighting our focus on sustainibilty. Donations of seeds from our sponsors have been helpful in maintaining the success.

Thandiwe Nsimbi but more fondly known as Ma Thandi, lives in Mount Moriah and is a community health worker. Her role is to visit each household in the community, where she screens for TB, HIV and pregnancies. The children are weighed and measured for information required by the health department as well as offer maternal and post maternal care. She does referrals to different hospitals and facilitates education and health promotion at the respective clinics. She is involved in the garden project where she physically works to prepare the ground, plant the seeds, water the vegetables and helps maintain the veggie farm. Ma Thandi helps her community members to form different projects, such as skills programmes and coordinates with different stakeholders to provide and support her community.

Sindisiwe grew up in the rural area called Umzimkulu and matriculated in Mabandla High School. She has her hands full with her four sons and yet is a Community Health Care Worker for the Department of Health. She is a small scale farmer at the vegetable farm in Mount Moriah and assists children with their homework after school. As a Community Health Care Worker, she attends to the community members from the Mobile Clinic a couple of days a week, as well as door to door visits to the community members, who are unable to attend the clinic, to deliver their medication collected to them. Her heart is in the welfare of her community but her dream is to produce vegetables on a larger scale as well as poultry farming.

Zakhele lives in Mount Moriah and is a father to 5 daughters. He is very interested in agriculture and has been working at the veggie farm to sustain an income. He grows potatoes, butternut, cucumbers, eggplants onions and spinach. Once he has harvested his vegetables, he then packages them into 7 and 10kg bags which he then sells to the community as well as shops in the area. The system that they use to water their vegetables, is manual and time consuming as the current irrigation system has fallen into disrepair. With this in sight, we are sourcing ways to assist them in finding a solution to help irrigate their vegetables.


Zakhele has a keen interest in farming pigs and has scouted an area in Ixopo where he has been given permission to use the land allocated to him. He will require assistance in setting up his farm. We hope that this will become a reality for him and be able to live his dream which will be a steady source of income for him and his family as well as the community in that area.

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