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Accessible and safe drinking water translates into life.

Our products not only treats contaminated water from both underground and surface water sources and making it fit for human consumption but providing safe clean water for personal hygiene and cooking.

The For Life proprietary formulation with active ingredients allow for the transformation of 20 litres of contaminated water with only three grams of product. Reinforced by our state-of-the-art contract production facility over 10 million degradable sachets are made available monthly with substantial capacity to expand production. Products are packed, stacked, and wrapped on site for air, water, and road transport to ensure cost-effective and timeous delivery. 

The For Life brand has reached the shores of Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa providing the vulnerable with safe and clean water. This is all made possible by the culmination of passion, experience, science, technology, and collaboration.

For Life’s impact on the environment is continuously scrutinized – Our key focus is sustainability with as lower environmental impact as possible.



In 2019 a cyclone struck the coastal Mozambique town of Beira and destroyed almost 90% of the town within hours.

With almost all the infrastructure destroyed we were able to fly in 1 box of the water purification sachets to provide immediate relief for aid workers on the ground as 1 box purifies almost 5000l of water. Once the infrastructure allowed, we sent in another pallet of product which provided the aid workers and the emergency relief camps with slightly over 1 500 000l of E. coli free water.


The mismanagement of the towns resources by the local town council resulted in a lack of investment in infrastructure the town of Vryheid (Pop: 50 000) in Northern Natal taps not only ran dry but when the water supply was returned the water was not fit for human consumption. Residents of a local informal settlement who did not have access to municipal water supplies were forced to use water from a local dam which was also contaminated with E. coli. 

Due to the NSF 60 Certification that the FOR LIFE product carries we did not need to test the local water to see if the product would work as the certification it carries guarantees that. We now send product to the town on a monthly basis. There is no indication that the towns water contamination issues will be resolved.


A rural business was drawing water from a local borehole when the residents began to get sick. It was confirmed that the local water source had been contaminated by the upstream growth of an informal settlement (Shack dwellers). These settlements have no access to water borne sewage systems and rely on natural water courses and soak pits. Both of these two methods of removing effluent from a settlement contaminate the ground water down stream. The combination of the increased population and the drought causing the borehole to be deepened resulted in the E. coli levels rising from <100cells/100ml to almost 10 000cells/100ml. These elevated levels are unacceptable for human consumption according to the World Health standards. We provide product on an ongoing basis to the area and the water once treated has no detectable E. coli presence. Phase 2 of this project has now started which entails the installation of water tanks of between 2000l and 5000l where we will be using the FOR LIFE SEPTIC TABLETS to purify water in bulk which will be distributed from a central point.

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