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The purpose of the trust is to aid identified 

persons in need. Every R1 raised is passed on

to the intended recipient or charities!

Our foundation, Singakwazi Aid, in association with The Grahams Caritas Trust, (an approved public benefit organisation, reg #IT332/2008/PMB & PBO ref # 930 027 068) is based in the Durban area, in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.


The purpose of the trust is to help and aid identified persons in need. We are very proud of the fact that for every R1 raised we are able to pass on R1 to the intended recipient/charities as no administration expenses are paid out from the trust.

Singakwazi Aid was started by Pete Graham in 2016 (although the trust has been actively involved in working with community projects since 2008), the local ward councillor, when he saw the dire need for food relief just 3km outside Durban North. He was limited as to what could be done on a political level and so he started the PBO which operates independently of any political party. This has allowed him to engage with parties and religious organisations that otherwise he would not have been able to do. The trust itself has been actively involved in community project work since 2008.

"Doing good is good business!" Peter Graham

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With over 40 years of senior sales and marketing experience, we are proud to be the global agents for the For Life range of water purification products. 

Access to water and sanitation has been acknowledge by the United Nations as being essential to the realisation of all human rights (Resolution 64/292).

We are privileged to play a part in this.



With help from our supporters and sponsors we have started 5 Soup kitchens within the Durban area. Purchasing food supplies and gas for them. These kitchens are run by dedicated volunteers from the areas who are passionate about helping to feed the most vulnerable in their communities. Our Farm project reflects are vision for sustainability, we mentor and empower keen community members to grow their own vegetables in order to sell for income or put food on their own tables. These vegetables are also donated to our soup kitchens.

Meet The Team



Founder and Director

A fearless leader driven by a strong desire to uphold human rights. After being elected a City Councillor in Durban,

he came to realise that politcal parties

were not the vehicle to drive service

delivery at grass roots level...

and Singakwazi Aid was born.




Joining our team after a stellar 35 year career as a Race Horse Trainer. Des’s goal is to deliver the goods where it counts most on the globe. Saving lives from the worlds global rural water pollution problems.

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